Wedding Photography in Merumalia; Frascati, Italy.

A summer wedding in Italy, and Frascati nonetheless. Just 30 mins south of Rome an old hill top town surrounded by vineyards. The wedding to be set in Merumalia Wine Resort. For me, a lover of everything Italian, could it get any better?!
I absolutely loved capturing the wedding photography at Merumalia for Montse and Aleix. As it turns out there is an interesting back story to this too. Back in December 2015 I had gone to Barcelona for one of my travel photography adventures. I was pushing the out of my own comfort zone by talking to people, finding out their story and photographing them. I met Ana and Montse, friends who despite living in Barcelona were being tourists for the day because Montse was about to move to Italy to be with her boyfriend. Here is a screen shot of my Instagram from back then.

Fast forward to July 2018 and Montse and Aleix, (that boyfriend she went to live with) are getting married in their new home town of Frascati in Italy and asked me to photograph their wedding day! Welcome to their wedding day story. The full text and a selection of photographs follow the brief photofilm…

You will see through these photos that their parents had come from Barcelona for the wedding and helped the bride and groom prepare. Aleix got ready at the Merumalia guest house and then his father drove over to see Montse at their apartment in Frascati to see her say arrivederci to her gorgeous cats (even if the black one was a little grump!). The bride and her dad then made their way to Merumali for the 6pm ceremony in a classic VW Beetle. Thankfully by this point the outside temperature had cooled to 38C!

A really beautiful ceremony in the vineyards was conducted by 6 of their friends, each with their own personal part to say to the couple. This was followed with a coloured sand unity, each of the friends adding a coloured layer followed by Montse and Aleix adding a layer themselves to show their inseparable unity. During the following drinks reception, served with an amazing antipasti, Aleix and Montse took a walk through the vineyards and came back to be with everyone outside for their wedding breakfast. 

The party went on into the early hours so this story is a very brief selection of the photographs I captured from throughout the day. In the slide show above you will see the transitions between scenes and get a real feel for how their day went, the love and emotion shared by all. I wish I could show even more , I hope this shorter selection gets the story across.

Montse and Aleix, I am honoured to have been chosen to photograph your wedding, a truly amazing experience and you are an incredible couple. Your kindness and hospitality was perfect as too was your host for the day; Gulia of Merumalia Wine Resort (spot her taking a photo of the table!) Merumalia is a family run organic vineyard, a beautiful place to get married and the wine is delicious; I cannot wait to come back!
And to all those of you viewing this, thank you too, please leave comments of your favourite photos and what you loved best about Montse and Aleix’s wedding day in Frascati Italy.
Thank you.
Adam de-Ste-Croix

Thank you,

Real Life, Real Love.

Getting married anytime soon or know someone that is?…
I’d be honoured to be recommended to your friends and families.
Maybe see you soon!


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