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To sum up my style of wedding photography in one word; Storytelling.
I love to create the story of your wedding day as photographs. I go about this in a photojournalistic manner to create the genuine story of your big day that will always bring back real memories of this most important moment in your life. I am respectful of the importance of this moment in life so I remain mostly unobtrusive allowing you to fully enjoy it. This style of photography is often known as “documentary wedding photography” and although this is my preferred method for most of the day I like to supplement with something a little extra to create your perfect and complete wedding day story. That comes with...

Natural Portraiture
As well as capturing your venue, guests and the atmosphere of the day it is also great to take a little time to create some emotive portraiture of the newly wed couple. These photos blend in with your wedding day story as I don’t heavily pose you but keep it nice and natural, capturing your feelings for one another. I'm often asked about this part as couples aren’t sure about what to do when having their photo taken, but fear not, I don’t want you to do too much at all. We will likely take a brief walk to the best areas of your venue so you can both get a little time out together. I capture these natural moments of you together and then take you back to your guests. Couples usually say they enjoy the break from that little escape together so it is always a pleasant experience, good fun too! Throughout the whole event I am mindful that my purpose is to capture the essence of your wedding, the story of your day.

Wedding Photography by Sainte Croix Photography_ 745_Hollie and Jayjay wedding-Edit-Edit_LR_Wedding Photography by Sainte Croix Photography_ 745_Hollie and Jayjay wedding-Edit-Edit_LR_Hampshire Wedding Photography from 2014 by Sainte Croix Photography Group Photographs
I am happy to do a limited amount of group photos but once people see my work I am mostly booked for my natural storytelling style. All the time I am photographing groups I am not capturing those lovely candid moments of your guests enjoying the day and being themselves. I do understand why group photos are important, I take them of my own family too. Creating the right balance is best and I plan in the group photos with you to make the schedule flow smoothly and keep your guests happy too.

Genuine, Real Photography: The Science. creativity and art.
To me photography is more than just a record, it is a visual story as seen through the eyes of the observer. For that story to be told at it’s best the photographer needs to be both immersed into the environment of the moment and have an appreciation of aesthetics. Along with an understanding of light these ingredients are the recipe that make for an amazing storytelling photograph. But there is one more very important element; imagination!

“It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see” ~ Henry David Thoreau.

I have spent a lot of time and effort studying light, observing people and gaining experience in where to be to capture those special moments. This means being immersed in the situation. which requires a friendly relaxing personality to allow those in the story to be their natural self and enjoy your wedding. All this science and creativity sums up to great natural photos of the people you love. My photography is an experience for you to enjoy and it is always calm and relaxed. That portrays my character; I am a calm and friendly person who really enjoys their work and making others happy.

Pinky swears at southdowns manor asian weddingPinky swears at southdowns manor asian wedding Planned and Prepared, so you can relax on your wedding day
I like to think of it as your wedding day, not my photo shoot so it is just as important to me that your day flows smoothly. I spend some good time with couples before the wedding day to go through the planning and make sure we have it all detailed, that way the photography of your story comes together seamlessly and you and your guests get to enjoy your day to the full.

The experience I have gained from weddings means I can help you with your schedule making the day run smoothly with no worries so you can relax and enjoy it. I meet with the venues before hand and check locations too. I also check weather and light conditions so we always get the best photos at the right times of the day at your location.

I generally meet with the bride and groom twice in the time leading up to the wedding. During that time we get to know each other which is important is it is as much about the person capturing the story as it is the photographs themselves, after all it is likely that the photographer will be present with you more than anyone else that day!
The wedding day schedule, groups photos and details are all typed up and neatly presented to you. Just another little touch to make the day run smoothly and your wedding perfect.

Your Safety and Assurance
Photography is my full time business I am fully insured as required and I have a contract with the wedding couple to protect us both. It is all quite simple and a reassurance to know you are safe in professional hands. I guide you through all of this when we first meet.

Southdowns Manor Wedding photographer Adam de-Ste-CroixSouthdowns Manor Wedding photographer Adam de-Ste-Croix

The most important part: It is YOUR wedding!
On top of everything it is all about you having the best possible day and me capturing those memories for you. I use only the very best quality albums and products to present the photographs for you in a timeless style that won’t go out of fashion so you will always be able to cherish the memories of your special day.

I won’t do hundreds of photography sessions in a year and I don’t want to either. I prefer to focus on each wedding and give you my full attention, taking the time to create the perfect memories for you. Doing this, creating amazing experiences for others and providing beautiful memories,  is what makes me happy.

What Next?
I do take limited bookings so please enquire about availability as soon as you can. I really do enjoy meeting with people and it will be great to get to know you and hear about your wedding plans so far. I like to meet with people when possible. We can get a coffee or drink, become acquainted and discuss your special day. I will give you albums to browse, the full price list to take away and if you are happy with everything (including me!) you can secure me to create your wedding day story. (Exciting isn't it!).

Anything Else?
If you haven’t already looked then you can find my pricing details here.
If you would like to view previous weddings a great place to look is the blog where I place a lot of photos for each wedding so you can see the full day’s story.

Get in touch today and lets start talking about your amazing wedding day!