When you look back over your life so many of the best memories are with family and loved ones on holiday and vacations. Destinations Portraiture is a bespoke service that captures those memories forever, sharing them with friends or held close and kept safe.


How does it work?
I meet you at your holiday location or travel with you. I capture the essence of your perfect holiday in an unobtrusive manner while you relax and enjoy your time away.

Travel and Photography Experience
I’m fortunate to have travelled the world many times and experienced a variety of adventures. From the graceful elegance of Lago di Como, to island hopping in the South Pacific and overland adventures traversing the expansive Australian deserts. These experiences have enabled me to gather a wealth of knowledge so that when it comes to travel and landscape photography as well as portraiture in the most stunning of locations, I’m able to capture all the amazing sights and scenes for you; allowing you to get on with the important part of enjoying your time away from home.

Is it for you?
Destinations Portraiture is a discreet, bespoke service tailored specifically to suit your needs. The service suits many situations such as special family holidays, family vacations; honeymoons;  travel adventures; safari; cruises; sailing; motor cruising, driving tours, overland tours etc. I can offer to either travel with you for the duration of your time or meet you at a specific location for a shorter period.

Want to make your photographs amazing too?
If you’re keen to get more from your own camera I can also show you how to get the best results so that you can impress others with the amazing places you’ve visited. I can do this either 1:1 tuition or in the context of a small group workshops showing you how to capture those views just as you see them. All of this while we are there in a fantastic destination with so many beautiful scenes to capture too.

How we do this together
The friendly relationship that we’ll build is equally as important as my skills behind the camera. Building a good rapport with my clients is something that’s really important to me and that starts when we first meet to discuss your travel plans and begin to get to know each other.

Please email or call me directly so that I can begin to understand more about your perfect holiday and capture some very special memories for you to keep and look back on forever.

Adam de-Ste-Croix

Sainte Croix Photography


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