SAINTE CROIX PHOTOGRAPHY | Southdowns manor September wedding in West Sussex

Southdowns manor September wedding in West Sussex

February 20, 2018  •  1 Comment

Southdowns Manor wedding venue is nestled away in the West Sussex countryside. No big surprises there! But this wedding venue is so secluded from any busy roads and towns that it is a pleasant surprise to find it hidden away in the Southdowns National Park. I am a preferred wedding photographer at Southdowns Manor, something I am very happy with since it is such a welcoming and friendly place to be for the day as you can know discover through the story told in Katie and Andrews wedding photographs.

Wedding day preparation for both the bride and groom is possible at Southdowns manor, of which Katie and Andrew both took advantage. It meant they didn't have to worry about travelling between any locations on their day and could relax and enjoy the whole event. It's the best way to be on such a big life occasion, makes for a relaxed wedding day and lots of genuine happy memories. As you can see they both enjoyed the day from the start to the very end.

This is a relatively small look into their much bigger wedding photography gallery. It is a peek into their wedding day story and telling that story through photography is essentially what I do. All the best stories are made up from memories of emotive moments. Capturing those in the right way brings across the feelings for the bride and groom to one another and of course to all their nearest and dearest family and friends.
Enjoy their story through photographs here and then get in touch so I can tell yours for you too!

Thank you.

Thank you Katie and Andrew, brilliant fun wedding day.
You can tell it is true love when she laughs like this at your bad jokes! 




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David Weightman(non-registered)
Such beautiful light in those portrait shots Adam! Great job.
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