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Portraits on the wall and making people happy...

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Fantastic times and making lots of people happy. What a job!

Recently I have presented people with some very special photography for the walls of their homes, and with quite a different style to each, suiting the individual tastes and environments perfectly.

I recently delivered a huge family portrait to Charlotte Forder. We created this family portrait in the new Forest on December 23rd as her family had all gathered at her mums, some coming from as far as Sweden. It was a blowy day of showers but I'd previously scouted out a location in a clearing sheltered with big trees and ideal light. We had great fun making this family portrait and all the others that followed it. (and I have just realised I didn't blog those photos so will do that shortly too!).
Soon after Christmas I took sample frames to the family during the photo review so they could choose something to match the decor and this elegant pewter frame with matching inner border works perfectly, especially with the print on fine art paper. I'm told it will ideally suit the space above the fire place at her mums house, and more importantly that Mum loves it!
(Thank you to Charlotte's children for offering to take this photo of Charlotte and I!).
Charlotte runs her own copyrighting and marketing business, Acewords. (I perhaps should have asked her to write this post!)
Sainte Croix Photography Family Portrait New ForestSainte Croix Photography Family Portrait New ForestSainte Croix Photography Family Portrait New Forest
And then this weekend I just delivered a huge canvas to Michelle and Richard. It is 5 foot wide! The quality looks perfect, vibrant and very colourful just like their rainbow themed beach wedding at Lusty Glaze in Cornwall. This scene was the very last frame of the whole day taken at around midnight. They danced like crazy loved up newly weds should to their last song of the day, Bohemian Rhapsody, with everyone joining in. Michelle loves it that she has her hoody on from the beach (she was wearing it when I delivered the canvas too!) and even the drink spilled all over it from the party (not still there now!). I asked if she wanted me to remove those drink marks in post edit but they love the rawness and purity of a genuine moment so I love them even more for that too! It is a good reminder of how everyone all had just come running in towards them in a mass huddle with drinks going everywhere as they sung the essential high notes Freddie Mercury belted out.

I had actually packed away hours before this taking photo and was enjoying the evening with them, but I always keep one lens and camera on me at times like these, just for some essential special moments. (Technical bit!... This effect was created by using a slow exposure and second curtain flash while zooming the lens at the same time, and after a beer or two from the beach bar. (I think that last bit is perhaps the essential ingredient to this colourful craziness!).

And so this image suits Michelle and Richard just perfectly too. Richard is an Artist; when you see his work vibrant colourful work @Night of the Nerd  you will understand the relevance of this photograph. Michelle too appreciates plentiful colour and the walls of their home are filled with artists work all showing that same style (and it looks awesome!).  Thanks to Michelle for taking the photo of the photo!...

Sainte Croix Photography lusty glaze wedding portrait artists weddingSainte Croix Photography lusty glaze wedding portrait artists wedding

And now to my own home...
I have a few magnum prints up and lots of very old ones of my own but I still haven't had my own work printed from this years adventures as have been busy doing everyone elses! Having seen these and how happy people are I'm thinking of baring all my walls and starting fresh. Perhaps creating an exhibition at home (since the gallery's waiting lists are sooooo long). Maybe I will have to have a wine and cake evening for the launch! 



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