About: Adam de-Ste-Croix at Sainte Croix Photography

“It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see” ~ Henry David Thoreau

Hi, I’m Adam de-Ste-Croix and I’m a photographer based in Fareham, Hampshire. Aside from family, friends and good food, two interests have remained close to my heart throughout life – photography and travel.

I probably spent over 10 years consecutive travelling, sometimes for work, sometimes for fun. I’d always send back photos for family to see what I was up to (in an envelope, this started in the film days!). Always wanting to get a show a real feel of the place and atmosphere of the moment in my photographs taught me to observe people and to study light. It’s also drummed into me the importance of capturing a moment – and turning that moment into a photographic story. Also that a friendly smile makes new friends!

All this understanding is at the heart of my wedding photography. So I bring all my collective experience to your big day, ensuring that all the magic and beauty of the occasion is captured in stunning, unforgettable photographs. (And I love doing it too!).
[Quick update – I have just been announced as the UK South Central regional finalist for The 2018 Wedding Industry awards. This is based purely on client feedback and a judging panel, not judge how many times my mum votes! Feels great to have got here so far, I will keep you posted!].

To me, photography is more than just a record. It’s a visual story seen through the eyes of the observer. For that story to be told well, the photographer needs to be both immersed in the moment and have an appreciation of aesthetics. What that really means is that I’m not really just another supplier at a wedding, I’m more like one of your guests and it is a pleasure to meet your family and friends. It is all important towards the final result too and along with an understanding of light and a dash of imagination, these ingredients form the recipe that makes for amazing storytelling photography. To be able to produce this for others is a huge privilege to me.

As for travel, well, my sense of adventure has taken me to some amazing places all over the world, most notably a self-planned 10,000 mile expedition through the Australian wilderness! That adventure was in a trusty 4×4, and all photographed on an old film SLR. These days I have a modern VW transporter. This versatile and stealthy camper’s first mission was in 2016, when I took a month out from weddings for a road trip around the whole coast of Spain and Portugal. I still catch up on mini adventures as often as I can, it’s what life is all about; every day is an adventure!

These photos are just a few of those I sent live to instagram while on that unplanned adventure around Spain and Portugal. Clicking them will take you straight to my instagram @SainteCroixPhotos which is a mixture of my wedding stories and adventures.

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