About me

Hi, I’m Adam de-Ste-Croix and I’m the photographer behind Sainte Croix Photography. I am currently based in Fareham, Hampshire where I grew up and near to family and friends. Aside from people throughout my life there has always been two things close to my heart – travel and photography.

I started my working life travelling the world and if it wasn’t for travel there might not be photography! I spent over 10 years on the road/plane/boat travelling, sometimes for work, sometimes for fun. In that time I lived in Australia, Canada and long stints in Europe, USA and China. I’d always send back photos for family to see what I was up to (in an envelope, this started in the film days!). Always wanting to show a real feel of the place and atmosphere of the moment in my photographs taught me to observe people and to study light. It’s also drummed into me the importance of capturing a moment – and connecting moments into photographic stories. It has also taught me that a friendly smile makes new friends!

Van on Lake Maggiore


Photography is my full time business and I work hard at it to enjoy travel adventures. My yearning for adventure has taken me to some amazing places all over the world, most notably a self-planned 10,000 mile expedition through the Australian wilderness. That adventure was in a trusty 4×4, and all photographed on an old film SLR. These days I have a slightly more modern VW transporter; a self built camper stealthily disguised as a van, to explore the adventures in Europe. The first van trek was in 2016 with a road trip around the whole coast of Spain and Portugal. (By the way, the Beetle photographed isn’t mine but it felt right here. It’s the car that drove Montse to her wedding in Frascati). The 2019 adventure is still not planned, sometimes they are planned while on the ferry sailing to the continent. You can see details of the last one on my other Instagram account @The-Ad-Ventures . On there I still catch up on mini adventures as often as I can, it’s what life is all about; every day is an adventure.
I’ve now added rock climbing to the list so will be looking to incorporate this into travels and maybe photography (I’m sure there is a rock pun in here somewhere). Any rock climbers getting married? Let’s do your wedding photography up high, lets move mountains!

Does this page need more photos? Let me know! Really looking forward to getting to know you too. Drop me a line via the contact page.
See you soon,